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Altered States
CARRter Dollars

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The first snowfall of the season always brings out the belly-up SUVs.

See more designs here.   And buy them here.

Noted state quarter designer Daniel Carr is designing a new series of commemorative statehood “CARRter Dollars”.   But spending these coins is illegal, so don’t expect to find one in your pocket change anytime soon.   That means that they will be a rare collectible item, obtainable only from coin dealers and collectors, and at much higher prices in the future for sure !   Two versions of each are available – one with a standard copper-nickel composition (like regular quarters) and a very limited edition with a yellow brass composition.

All of the Altered States quarters share a common back side design which shows an anonymous dude wearing a t-shirt and sunglasses, along with an interlocked “DC” designer’s logo.   See all the designs here.   And buy them here.

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Cash, checks, jewelry, postage stamps, old or unusual coins or paper money, or anything with a high value-to-weight ratio is accepted.   A real gold coin (or equivalent) will get you an article in SG-News about someone you know !   It could be someone you love to hate, or someone you just want to ‘roast’ for fun.   It could even be yourself if you’re into that sort of thing.   You pick the person and give us some details and a picture if you have one.   We’ll write the story and publish it in SG-News !

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