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Square Globe News - JUL, 2006

Poker Player Bluffs With A-K-4-7 … Twice

A local Poker Player known only as “Mother Mucker” didn’t think he was going to win the biggest poker hand of his life.   “The pot was already huge when I bet all my chips on a bluff. I thought everybody would fold, but they all called with everything they had”, he said.   “When I laid down my AK47, the other players started reaching for the pot.   That’s when I realized that I needed a better (bigger) bluff.”.

The player, having suffered years of financial abuse at the hands of card sharks was about to turn the table.   “I reached under the table and pulled out my other AK47”.   At that point, all the other players ran for the door, including one who drew a 357 and another who had just called out his K9 attack dog.   “It was great, not only did I win the pot by default, but I also cleaned up all the other money they had left behind !”, the player added.   “Now I can finally afford to buy a real AK47 and ditch this piece of plastic”.

The game, which was being played at a local back-room casino, followed another recent incident at the same location where a woman won a bingo jackpot by shooting her card full of 38 holes.

When asked about the incidents, a casino spokesman stated, “our job is to give the people everything they want (except their money back).   In that regard, our brand new game of Russian Roulette should be immensely popular … at least once, anyway”.

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