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Square Globe News - JUL, 2006

Square Globe News Blows a Round Hole

Like the atmosphere, the Internet now has its own version of a “Nozone Hole”, caused by Square Globe News.   Web site critics warn that “this new hole in the fabric of internet space will allow all sorts of damaging remarks to fall upon the minds of internet surfers”.

“But nothing could be further from the half-truth”, says the SG-News Editor.  “Define ‘damage’.   If you mean a loss of productivity due to employees reading SG-News during work hours, then I’d have to disagree and say that if those employees didn’t read junk on the internet, then somebody else would”.

Such bizarre comments coming from a news editor give an indication as to the content and future direction of SG-News.   For now, this start-up news organization isn’t exactly threatening CNN or FOX.   But it could mosey on down and find a niche between the two in the middle of the road.

“Neil Young once said ‘the middle of the road became a bore – so I headed for the ditch’.   SG-News will never end up in the middle of the road – except maybe as road kill”, added the SG-News Editor, “we’re going to dig a tunnel so that we can undermine the middle of the road.   When it caves in, it will swallow up all those fence-sitters”.

An anonymous spokesperson for SG-News couldn’t be located.

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