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Square Globe News - MARCH, 2007

Recent US Mint Dollar Coins Pay Tribute to Gilligan’s Island

US Government documents recently obtained by SG-News indicate that the US Mint is a fan of Gilligan’s Island.   So much so, in fact, that a secret plan was devised for the purpose of honoring the men of Gilligan’s Island on this year’s four President dollar coins.

And now that images of the actual coins have been released, the evidence of this plan is clear.   And it now appears, in fact, that the influence of Gilligan’s Island over the US Mint’s dollar coins started early with the Susan B. Anthony Dollar and continued with the Sacagawea dollar.

The documents show that in 1978 the US Mint desperately wanted to issue a series of commemorative coins honoring Gilligan’s Island. But Congress refused to authorize the issue claiming that it would trivialize the iconic TV show. Unknown persons at the Mint then initiated a clandestine operation to put images of the show’s characters onto dollar coins. And with this year’s four “President” dollar coins, the objective of honoring every cast member appears to have been achieved.

Susan B. Anthony Dollar -
The Millionaire’s Wife “Lovey” (Natalie Schafer).

Sacagawea Dollar -
”Mary-Ann” (Dawn Wells).
Baby of unknown origin.

Until recently, skeptics argued that this was just a wacky conspiracy theory, dreamed up by hypnotized couch potatoes watching late night re-runs.   But those skeptics seemed to vanish when the US Mint released images of this year’s four President dollars. [We believe the images below speak for themselves –Editor.]

FAR LEFT: US Mint George Washington Dollar.

The Millionaire
”Thurston Howell III”
(Jim Backus).

FAR LEFT: US Mint John Adams

The Skipper
(Alan Hale, Jr.).

FAR LEFT: US Mint Thomas Jefferson Dollar.

The Professor
(Russell Johnson).

FAR LEFT: US Mint James Madison Dollar.

(Bob Denver).

But what about “Ginger”? She apparently circulated widely on the island, appearing with all four men above.

ABOVE LEFT: US Mint President
Dollar (“tails” side) – Statue of Liberty.

Ginger (Tina Louise).

But one nagging question remains. Who is the father of Dawn Wells’ (Sacagawea’s) baby? Of all four men, the Professor (Thomas Jefferson) is the one with the smirk on his face. [And we all know that Thomas Jefferson kicked the pregnant Sacagawea out of Monticello and sent her packing to the west coast –Editor.]


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